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                                                                                                 "Fur Elise" - my interpretation!


I love listening to people play the piano and I have always wanted to play at least one piece!

I am determined to learn to play "Fur Elise" but it is not an easy piece to play and I am struggling with it. Ok, so I am still learning to play but yes the background music is my version of "Fur Elise" recorded on my piano and converted to a MIDI file so you do lose the quality piano sound. If you listen carefully you will hear the mistakes! If you really can't take it any more then click on the stop or pause button on the "Media Player". Don't worry it stops after playing once ;-)

I passed the grade 1 Piano exam at the age of 10 in 1976 and only in May 1999 decided to start playing again! I am not finding it as easy as I thought it would be and cannot grasp the left hand at all.

I initially decided to rent an electric piano so I could upload/download music to and from the piano and  never needed to tune it!

The piano I finally bought is a Roland KR-375. Initially I rented it from "Millers Music Centre" in Cambridge and the beauty of renting is that you have the option to buy (with the rental money you have already paid taken into account) or you can swap the piano for a different one each year. I finally settled on this piano and bought it in May 2001.

It is a superb electric piano with so many features that I haven't worked out how to use them all yet.

I love to sit and watch with envy anyone who can play the piano and I know that some people can pick it up so easily (my friend Amanda does just that) and I also know that some of us struggle for years to play even though I really want to. 

Click on the links above for some advice for all us budding Mozart's :-)

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