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Dolls Houses

A dolls house always attracts attention as everyone stops to marvel at the scale of the furniture and the minuteness of detail. It is frustrating to see one on display without being able to open the door and see what is inside.

This is another very expensive hobby of mine. I currently have 3 dolls houses under construction and have yet to finish either of them. I have spent hundreds of pounds on furnishings, decorations, wallpapers etc. and have still yet to complete one house! My excuse is that I am waiting for Alex to put the lights in! I know - I ought to learn how to do it myself :-)

So why do we indulge in such a strange hobby - well it is a lot easier than decorating your own house and you can move things around at will. I get a chance to explore my creative side - one of my Dolls Houses is going to be a pub (now what does that say eh?)

I guess it is a kind of fantasy world that you can peer into and admire and then shut the door and ignore.

The detail on some of the furniture is amazing but so is the price - I am trying to buy optics for my pub but the cost is about 11 each (that's a lot of money just to equip  a pretend pub I can't even drink in!)

Nevertheless it is a popular hobby and the results are always amazing and well worth the cost and hard work.

Here you will find advice on wallpapering, painting, lighting, carpeting, shops to visit and links to useful sites.