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Kitty                Felix pacing

Cats will bring you many years of amusement and companionship but please do not buy a kitten/cat unless you are prepared to give it a good, safe, loving home where you are prepared to not only feed and fuss it but pay vets bills for the rest of its life.  

You are morally obliged to your cat to get it vaccinated each year, get it neutered or spayed and to regularly de-flea and worm it. This costs money so add up the costs of not only this but the cost of food as well. Read the vets bills section for an idea on what this may cost you. Your cat will also need love and attention and lots of fuss!

Some of the information on here is UK specific (links to breeders and vets bills) but I am sure that everyone will find something to help them get years of joy from their cat.

Click on the links on the left for all the info you need!

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