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Ok, so who doesn't wish that one day "it will be me"!

Give it a go - you never know your luck!


Random Lottery Numbers

Click here for 6 random lottery numbers.


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UK Lottery

Get the UK lottery results at: www.national-lottery.co.uk/home/home.do. One helpful feature of this site is that you can enter your chosen lottery numbers and it will tell you when you last won, so you can find out if that lottery ticket festering in your kitchen drawer is actually worth something.

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BananaLotto - free to enter and they do send you the prizes. Although the prize money for 4 or 5 numbers isn't fantastic, it is free to enter so you can't complain. When it was first launched you could win 50p for 3 numbers and I won 7 x 50p!  I haven't won for a long time, however, (March 2001) so I have lost heart in playing every day.

You can join the lottery at:  www.bananalotto.com or www.bananalotto.co.uk. The only difference between the two sites is that from the ".com" site you need to click on the UK flag to get to ".co.uk"!

You get 1 chance to enter each day (the draw takes place at 5.30 pm) and you need to choose 6 numbers and one "banana" number.

You can save your "favourite numbers" so it is even quicker to enter each day, or you can select 6 "random numbers".

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The Daily Draw

I started playing this lottery in Feb 2001 and have won nothing so far. Here is the sales pitch from the site:

"Match 6 numbers out of 6 and 1 million will be won ... it's that easy. No complicated formulas ... no hidden catches. And you can enter The Daily Draw twice a day every day ... and it's FREE (you need to leave one hour between each entry).

That way everyone has a chance of winning.

But don't worry if you don't get all 6 right because we have daily runners up prizes of 5,000 for 5 right and 25 for everyone matching just 4 numbers ... and remember you can always play again tomorrow.

We can only bring you the chances to win these prizes for FREE thanks to our unique relationship with our advertising partners. They pay for your entry in The Daily Draw so you don't have to! All they ask in return is the opportunity to show you relevant advertising messages and offers based on your personal preferences. "

I'll let you know how I get on .......

.....  May '02 and I still haven't won anything!!