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I have been using Internet Banking since each Bank introduced it - and it wasn't always free to join in the early days! I am greedy and have 3 Bank Accounts and this is how I rate their Internet Banking Services. If you use a different Internet Banking service and want me to include it on this page then please email me.

With all Internet Banking sites you will need to register first and then you will then receive a login and password before you can start using the site. This usually takes about 7 days.

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Barclays Bank Plc Barclays Bank


Before you use the service you need to register and then you will be sent a membership number and a passcode. You then need to select a word of 6 characters or more as an additional security. Each time you login you are prompted for the membership number, the passcode, your surname and random characters from your chosen word.

A very good Internet banking site and easy to navigate. It is a fairly painless process to add new payments and transfer money between Barclays accounts (Don't I know it - Alex). You can add a new Beneficiary and transfer money straight away to their account - all you need is the account number and sort-code, or you can use the search facility to find a particular organisation - e.g. Credit card company.

You can delete Direct Debit's but cannot change the amount or date. With Standing Orders you can amend the date, amount and frequency of payment.

If you have Microsoft Money 98, 99, 2000, 2001, Sage Line 50 or Excel you can export the data direct to the application.

Security wise you do not need to confirm any new/changed transactions with a password.

Transactions are held on-line for about 2 months though you can select the dates, within this period, that you want to view.

One feature that is missing, and I use at Natwest, is the ability to order stationery such as statements, paying-in-books and cheque books.

In April 2001 the site had some major changes and all for the better. You can now customise the information you see and how you see it - e.g. you can give your accounts more meaningful names (e.g. current account, deposit account etc), you can choose which account becomes the default one, change the view that you see on statements and the site generally has a much better user interface.

This info was up-to-date as of April 2002.

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Natwest Bank Plc Natwest Bank


This site is easy to use and navigate and is far better than when it first came out.

Each time you login you are prompted for a 10 digit membership number, 3 random characters from your passcode and 3 random characters from your chosen security word.

If you go want to change/add payments, you need to enter 2 random characters from your chosen security word.

You get a 5 minute timer when you first log in and if you don't do anything within these 5 minutes you will automatically be disconnected.

You can easily make a one-off payment to someone by entering their account details. You can also modify a payment before it goes out - e.g. a one-off payment scheduled for next week.

You can view or cancel a Direct Debit.

Standing Orders can be set up, cancelled, have the amount or expiry date changed but not the monthly outgoing date.

Transactions are held on-line for about 1 month or you can chose the dates to view.

Transactions can be viewed only (not modified) from yahoo.com

You can order on-line stationery such as Paying in Books and Cheque Books.

If you have Microsoft Money (all versions), Quicken, Sage, Lotus 123 or Excel you can export the data direct to the application.

This information was correct as of April 2002 but features may have changed since then.

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Alliance & Leicester Bank Alliance & Leicester (Girobank)


I am struggling to find anything useful in this site! It usually takes me several attempts to get in and even then it keeps hanging and I have to go back to the Home page and start again.

I was expecting all the features of other Internet Banking sites but was disappointed. I tried to transfer some money from my current account to my deposit account but apparently you can't do this unless you have previously set up a mandate. Likewise you cannot transfer money anywhere unless mandates are already set up. I tried to find help on how to set up a mandate but failed miserably so I have kind of given up using the site!

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The Co-op Bank  The Co-op Bank


With thanks to Kevin for this review of their Internet Banking services.

The Co-op bank website has a Java interface which looks a bit like a games console. All the main functions are available as buttons on the side of the console style browser. You can pay bills, view current and visa accounts, transfer funds and other functions.

The security consists of a request in a form for your sort-code account number and a 4 digit code which you pre-select and set up with the bank. There is a further request for an additional security item which is randomly selected from five pieces of personal information that you supply when setting up your account. To access balance transfers bill paying and other services, requires further procedures through the bank to set up and authorise these services.

Apart from the fact that on my PC, it takes a little while to load, the site is exceptionally easy to navigate, but you only get three attempts to access your account after which you are locked out and notification is required by the bank to re-enable your account.

Statements can also be printed direct from the internet onto your printer.

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If you use a different Internet Banking then please email me and I will include your opinion of it.

Email Me! (npwebsite@btinternet.com)